Friday, June 11, 2010

It's been a while!

Wow! Looking at the last post there have been a lot of activity that I really SHOULD have blogged about. Fortunately Facebook has pictures, videos, and some story to tell about the last seven months in the the active life of OakleyOC!

In January, I missed the deadline for the World Famous Camp Pendelton Mud Run ... again. The Xterra Trail Run at Crystal Cove was postponed again as Mother Nature was having fun with her rain machine.

In February, Mother Nature continued to pound sunny Southern California with rain the week before the Xterra Trail Run at Crystal Cove was to happen. It became known as the "Crystal Cove Curse," and was set for an April 25th date.

In March, it was all about continuing to train for Irvine Lake Mud Run happening on April 17. It was exciting to have about 30 people register for our socialMUDia team, comprised of Twitter, Facebook, and in-real-life friends!

In April, the Irvine Lake Mud Run proved to be a HUGE success. It was not so much that the venue was scenic and challenging at the same time. It was more about the socialMUDia team having a wide spectrum of fitness/running levels combining into a team that had a lot of fun that day. Also in April the Xterra Trail Run finally happened! It had to be THE MOST CHALLENGING 5K that I have ever run! Nothing like punishing yourself on a beautiful outdoor trail in Crystal Cove, and reaching the top of the course towards the end where you see a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean! Simply amazing!

May was a recovery month for me. While I wish I had a better story for my hip injury that knocked me from running for three weeks, I don't. I was casually running through a parking lot and decided to hurdle over a parking barrier. I landed fine, but I may have twisted incorrectly. It didn't help I had the Xterra race the next morning. By that Monday I could not lift my left leg using its own muscles. Walking around with a cane, electroshock therapy and physical therapy for three weeks and my doctor cleared me to train again ... for the June 5th Playa del Run in Huntington Beach!

On June 5, I participated in a 5K Beach Run at the Playa del Run in Huntington Beach. It was June Gloom time, but just being along the sand for the race was refreshing. It was my first race since my infamous imitation of House, M.D., and I didn't feel any pain during or after the race. There was a second part of the Playa del Run event ... a one-mile sand sprint with obstacles. That was so much fun as there was the challenge of the stop and go motion in between obstacles on loose sand, in addition to the mere fact the race was on loose sand! Nevertheless, I survived without any injury!

I promised myself after the above, it was time to put myself through the INSANITY: The 60-day Total Body Conditioning Program. Follow my progress through the next 60 days!

With any program, whether someone else's or one that you create, set up a log and your goals. How can you hit a target if you can see the target? Set a target and visualize it!


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